What is The Bux?

The bux is a big advertising network, where members worldwide - from all countries of the planet Earth, can earn money by clicking advertisements, and a lot of other earning possibilities like:

and many other earning opportunities..

Advertisers can also register and buy the advertisement types they prefer:

  • Advertise your website for only 2$ for 1000 views
  • Advertise your website on The Grid for only 7$ / 1 month
  • Advertise your banner - starting from only 1$ for 10000 views
  • Advertise your link on the login ads panel for 3$ / 7 days
  • Buy your Featured Link Ad for only 10$ / 1 month
  • Advertise your website with Fixed Ads starting from only 5$ / 1 day

CLICK HERE to proceed to the Store.

All transactions are processed in $ (US Dollar).

Who are we?

The Bux (http://www.the-bux.net) is owned by a Slovenian private company named BAGA S.P. View more details by clicking here. The Bux is active since 2. January 2013 and paying since the date. Our business model is longlasting, and we plan to work with it for a long time.

How to start?

First, you will need to REGISTER FOR FREE.

- Fill the empty required fields with proper information, read our Terms of Service and tick the box if you agree with them. There is also an image verification system you have to pass to confirm your registration.

- Once you click the "Register" button, you will be added to our database and an activation mail will be sent to your Email Address you entered in the registration process. You need to "Log In" to your Email Account, and find our Activation Email. Usually it should be send in a couple of seconds, but sometimes you need to check your Spam/Junk folder. After you have validated your email address, you will be able to log in.

How to manage my account?

If you click the Account link, you will be redirected to your Main Account Page.

Account Link

In the General Information window, you can find details like your Username, Registration date, Membership. Below is your Account Balance - this is the balance you get money to when you click ads or earn at any offerwall, and where you can withdraw your money from. There are also some statistics about your referrals and your clicks below

In the Latest News window, you will find latest and active Promotions and News.

The Earning Balance Stats window displays your Account balance again, your Purchase Balance, which is used to buy things like Memberships, Advertising, and Renting Referrals. You can fund your Purchase balance by clicking Add Funds on the button besides your Account balance in the General information window, or clicking the link in the sidebar on the left side of the page. You can fund it with Paypal, Payza, or your Account balance.

The Advertising Balance Stats window displays your current Advertising Credits stats (what you own).

Below all, the Statistics are 4 graphs displaying your daily activities like Your Clicks, Direct Referral clicks, Rented Referral clicks and Autopay.

How to Earn money on The Bux?

We offer a lot of earning opportunities. You can find all of them on the left side of your Account page under Earn Money when you are logged in.

There are also many Offerwalls where you can do tasks to earn money. We pay you the highest earning percentage.

You can choose between:

Matomy Offerwall
AdWorkMedia Offerwall
SuperRewards Offerwall
SuperSonic Offerwall

Then, every PTC site provides a View Ads section, where you can watch advertisements to earn money. You can earn from 0.003$ (Micro ads) to 0.015$ (Extended ads) - You can earn even more if you Upgrade your account.

We also have The Grid, where you have a lot of chances to win from 0.01$ up to 2.5$ with a single click on The Grid places. Go ahead and try, it's fun. :)

Now, the best and the easiest way to earn money is probably to Watch Videos And Earn. You just have to watch the video until the end and you will earn money. How much videos are available there depends on your geographical location. Some can get a lot of videos, some get none. You just have to wait for the right moment.

Crack the Vault Game is a simple game where you need to guess the 4-digit number and you can earn the jackpot prize.

We have also implemented the Traffic Exchange, which allows you to surf other members' sites and earn credits for each view. When you earn some credits, you can use them to advertise your site. To do this, just go to Traffic Exchange and click on Add New Site like shown here:

Add new site

A new page will open where you will need to fill in the details of your site. When you finish editing, you will have to Validate the ad. If it does pass, proceed, and if not - your website probably has a framebraker which is not allowed to advertise here. After you validate it, you can Allocate the credits to your site like shown here:


When you allocate the credits to your ad, it will be published in the Traffic Exchange for other members to see it. It's the easiest and the cheapest way to advertise your site.

We also offer you some entertainment on The Bux. You can Play The Bux Games while you are waiting for the ads or you just have too much spare time. You are welcome to stay on our site as long as you want.